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There are multiple components installed in a garage door. Right from small springs to long cables, anything can malfunction putting you and property at serious risk. That is why even a small damage should not be overlooked. You should seek the help of an expert immediately so that any kind of damage can be taken care of immediately. Our technicians can repair any kind of doors installed at your home or office at affordable prices and in double quick time. Never try to perform any repair yourself, call Metro Garage Door Service for cost-effective solutions in Philadelphia, PA area every time.

Garage door inspection:

Metro Garage Door Service Philadelphia, PA 215-337-4987A quick internet search with words like “My garage door is broken” or “Can’t unlock my garage door” will give you a host of results. It is important not to hire the first service that you see. Proper research should be put into finding the right garage door company for your property as an uninformed or a person with little or no experience may not be able to handle the complex garage door installed at your home or office. Always make sure you hire trained and experienced professionals, who have worked on similar problems in the past.

When you call us for an inspection, not only will you get highly trained professionals, you can be reasonably assured that we will send out experts who have the right experience. They will carefully identify any physical harm and potential weak spots. Based on their analysis they will suggest corrective measures. These measures can include repair or replacement of faulty cables, spring replacement, component replacement or a complete overhaul in case there is a serious fault in your current garage door system.

Damaged doors:

No matter how strong the garage door at your home or office, sometimes it’s almost impossible to avoid damage. An unintentional vehicle collision or a break-in attempt can damage the door leaving you and your property vulnerable to potential harm. We advise all our customers to quickly call for help of an expert no matter how big or small the damage.

Sometimes doors that have not been properly attended to or maintained over time can become useless because of constant usage and other external reasons like the weather. Whatever the case maybe, you can call us anytime and we will be there to assist you. Our 24-hour garage door service is open to all offices and homes in the Philadelphia.

Off-track garage doors:

It may seem very easy to set the door back by yourself in case the garage door has gone off track, but it is never a good idea to attempt such a thing. An expert who has the required knowledge and skill is the right person to call in such a situation. Metro Garage Door Service understands that there may be certain reasons because of which the garage door can leave its track. It can be because of the weather, a faulty spring or in some cases due to wear and tear. Whatever the case may be, whenever you discover that the garage door is leaving its track, call us and we will fix it in no time.