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Offices and homes that have space constraints normally prefer overhead doors or more commonly known as sectional garage doors. These doors don’t need wide clear area in front of them, they simply roll up vertically on tracks into the ceiling. Metro Garage Door Service offers a wide range of overhead doors and repair services for doors that have been damaged in Philadelphia, PA area.

Metro Garage Door Service Philadelphia, PA 215-337-4987Garage doors are made of many kinds of materials, be it steel, aluminum, copper and even glass. You can choose any material and we will expertly craft an overhead door for you that will match your needs. Since overhead doors don’t need a clear area in front of them, you can park a car right in front of the door, without worrying about damaging the door or the car.

You can also customize overhead doors to suit your need. Proper weatherproofing for protection from harsh weather, increasing the visual appeal by adding a personal touch and minimum noise during door movement combine to form a great overhead door. Our experts have installed countless overhead doors over the years and you can expect them to provide you with great after sales service. We will reach you periodically without delay of even a single day.

You get all this and more at affordable rates. Just call us on 215-337-4987 and you can discuss all the possible options that will suit your needs and budget.