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Residential Garage Doors

Some of the best work we have done over the years has been for our residential clients. We have installed custom doors as well as provided timely repairs when we are called for. Our decade long relationship with our residential clients has only strengthened with time. We have been able to quickly understand and adapt to their needs so that they never need to look elsewhere when they need help. Our customers know when they call Metro Garage Door Service for residential garage door issues, they will always get the required solution and that too rapidly. Our skillful and highly educated team has the ability to take on any kind of service request that our clients in Philadelphia, PA may have...Click to read more

Commercial Garage Doors

To build a name that is trusted by both commercial as well as residential clients is not easy but Metro Garage Door Service has been able to do that due to a superior service offering and unmatched hard work. Our list of commercial clients includes some of the biggest industrial houses as well as commercial spaces in Philadelphia, PA area. They reach out to us for expert solutions that are carefully curated for their business needs as well as for periodic maintenance services...Click to read more

Garage Door Repair

There are multiple components installed in a garage door. Right from small springs to long cables, anything can malfunction putting you and property at serious risk. That is why even a small damage should not be overlooked. You should seek the help of an expert immediately so that any kind of damage can be taken care of immediately. Our technicians can repair any kind of doors installed at your home or office at affordable prices and in double quick time. Never try to perform any repair yourself, call Metro Garage Door Service for cost-effective solutions in Philadelphia, PA area every time...Click to read more

Garage Door Spring Services

Springs come in all sizes but form a very important part of a garage door. They are not only helpful in raising or lowering the door, they also take up most of the weight of the door. This high dependability on springs makes them prone to breakage due to constant use. Broken springs should be immediately repaired or replaced so that any kind of accident can be avoided. Call an expert service like ours and we will immediately repair and replace any old or damaged spring...Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

Nowadays, almost every garage has automated garage doors. Manually operated doors are almost becoming extinct in the Philadelphia, PA area. These doors can be controlled by a remote, motion-sensors and other high-end technology. They are durable, quite powerful and make less noise than traditional garage doors. Even though these doors are backed by robust technology, they are prone to damage and failure from time to time. You can call Metro Garage Door Service any time to replace or fix your garage door openers...Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

Sometimes you may need more than just a simple garage door. Garage doors can be customized based on your needs. If you want a garage door made of a certain material, we will craft one for you. Just let us know your demand and we will craft a garage door specific to your needs.  ...Click to read more

Overhead Garage Door

Offices and homes that have space constraints normally prefer overhead doors or more commonly known as sectional garage doors. These doors don’t need wide clear area in front of them, they simply roll up vertically on tracks into the ceiling. Metro Garage Door Service offers a wide range of overhead doors and repair services for doors that have been damaged in Philadelphia, PA area...Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

Your home and office should always be secured by a strong and sturdy garage door. As garage doors are an important component of your domestic and commercial security, you should always invest in an expert team that knows what they are doing. With a do it yourself guide you might be able to install a garage door yourself as well, but you might suffer problems down the line that might not be covered in the guide...Click to read more

Garage Doors

Harsh weather conditions, a break -in attempt, accidental damage, regular wear and tear, constant use, etc. are some of the things that your garage door is exposed to. While you can’t guard against unlawful forceful entry but you can take the help of an expert for other things. Choosing custom garage doors, specialty garage doors and guarding against climate changes by installing weather stripping for garage doors are some of the solutions that we provide to safeguard against possible threats...Click to read more